Wines Overview

Our remarkable wines have been delicately crafted to resonate the vibrant beauty of the Coromandel's Mercury Bay.

We focus on making high quality wines from the vineyards at Cooks Beach and Hawkes Bay, with much of the work done by the hands of local experts, ensuring each vine gets the attention it deserves. Our harvest is hand picked to make sure the grapes reach the winery in the best possible condition with the highest possible quality.

The Cooks Beach area provides a perfectly suited environment for our grapes - we are protected from the prevailing westerly weather by the ranges and our soil is well matched to growing Pinot Noir grapes. Our land is north facing, gently sloping towards the Mercury Bay and picks up great sun and heat through late summer for optimum ripening, producing great wines available for tasting at our unique Coromandel, Cellar Door.

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